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Introducing LifeRaft Labs

As a pioneering leader in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), we recognize the vital role that cutting-edge Al technologies play in reshaping the landscape of information gathering and analysis.

With the launch of LifeRaft Labs, our Al Think Tank, we are bringing together brilliant minds, industry experts, and Al enthusiasts to collaborate on shaping the future of OSINT. This collaborative hub will serve as a powerhouse of ideas, research, and advancements, propelling us to the forefront of Al-driven intelligence solutions. Through the fusion of Al expertise and OSINT proficiency, we aim to revolutionize the way we extract, process, and interpret data, ultimately delivering unparalleled insights to our clients. Join us on this exciting expedition into the realms of Al and OSINT, where innovation knows no bounds and possibilities are limitless. 



Alert Deduplication 

Leveraging in-house built technology to identify near duplicate content to reduce noise, this alert deduplication process is aimed at enhancing our customer's ability to effectively triage and respond to critical incidents.

By streamlining the alert system, we are dedicated to optimizing the overall experience of our customers, ensuring that their attention is focused on unique and pertinent information, ultimately leading to more efficient and accurate incident management. 


Artificial Intelligence

AI SynthSum

Our cutting edge solution leverages AI technology to generate concise summaries of lengthy posts or a collection of content. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, we enable our customers to swiftly grasp the essence of complex topics, ensuring they can comprehend potential threats with greater speed and efficiency. Now, Navigator transforms time ­consuming reading into a streamlined process, empowering users to stay informed about various subjects without sifting through extensive materials. 

Experience the advantage of rapid threat understanding through our AI SynthSum, revolutionizing the way you approach information analysis. 


Artificial Intelligence

Smart Alert Summaries

Smart Alert Summaries is designed to empower our valued customers with the ability to swiftly grasp the context of alert clusters. We recognize the importance of time-sensitive decisions in today's dynamic landscape, and with Smart Alert Summaries, we have created a solution that streamlines the comprehension of batches of alerts.

Seamlessly navigating through a multitude of notifications, customers can now effortlessly extract key insights, enabling faster, more informed actions. This innovation stands as a testament to our commitment to enhancing your experience, ensuring that crucial information is at your fingertips, precisely when you need it.


Artificial Intelligence

AI Analytics

Leveraging a combination of proprietary models and generative AI, our AI analytics offers customers a valuable tool to gain insights on the data returned from queries over time. This innovative solution enables users to effectively grasp trends, topics, and more within the data streams served. By identifying spikes and analyzing patterns, our model empowers customers to make informed decisions, identify emerging trends and threats, and take meaningful action swiftly. 


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